Fact about chocolate

Eating dark chocolate every day reduces the risk of heart disease by one third
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About us

Who is Chocozonia!!!??

We are Chocozonia !! We are India’s 1’st Online Confectionery Marketplace. We have over 45 different varieties of home made chocolates and over 5 partners with branded chocolate manufacturers and we are updating our catalog every week with new products.


Our Vision is to have world’s confectionery available all under one platform for Indian consumers.


All times we provide excellent support to our customers, be it feedback, queries. We are obsessed with our customers and try to resolve every issue which the customer faces.


Order a product one time or 10 times. We make sure that the product’s quality remains the best for all the orders. With our excellent turn around times we deliver fresh products to our customers

What does our company logo say???!!! 

Our Logo color is brown, which is associated with nurturing the trait of mother earth. Chocolate is made from Beans which is used to spread sweetness all over the world. We are reliable, dependable, and trust worthy.

What do we do and Why???!!!

We want to make the world a more sweeter place by introducing everyone to the world of Chocozonia. Chocozonia provides a platform to the passionate cooks who love and prepare homemade chocolates.

We also have a MOTTO to provide an equal opportunity and a platform to market the products of passionate women chocolate makers.

What do we want to become ?

Our purpose of starting chocozonia is to have every single confectionery in our catalog all under one roof. Giving Indian consumers a chance to get a taste of other chocolates in the world.