Fact about chocolate

Eating dark chocolate every day reduces the risk of heart disease by one third
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Top 10 best chocolates!




Here are the ten best chocolates you must try.

This best selling chocolate brand produces a premium, round, chocolate sweet. It consists of flat sheets of wafer, Nutella & Hazelnuts. About 3.6 billion of this chocolate is sold every year in 35 countries.

This is a swiss company.Its famous for its lindor chocolate shell with an inner filling of smooth chocolate. They are wrapped in different colours, each identifying a different flavor.

In America it is the third oldest company incorporated in 1852.Its bar version is cut into several squares and comes in many flavors.

A Belgian chocolate manufacturer manufacturers guylian. They are famous for making chocolate sea shells in variety of fillings.

This is most famous chocolate brand originating from Lebanon. It is a luxury brand and contains a menu with over 50 varieties.

It a Swiss brand.Its chocolate bars are known for their unique triangle shape.

It a British company owned by an American company since 2010.It is famous for its mouthwatering taste.

This brand of Chocolate ranges in flavor from milk chocolate, fruit and nut varieties.

This brand was first manufactured in United Kingdom. Its sister Brands are milky way and 5 star.

Kitkat is a wafer biscuit which is covered by chocolate.It comes in packet of two or four fingers including kitkat white, mint, cookies & cream.

Black forest trifle!

Make a reduced-sugar trifle using healthy products. This layered dessert is ideal for entertaining when you have guests that are conscious about sugar


1. 1 package chocolate sugar- free, low-fat cake mix
2. 3/4 cup water
3.1fat-free instant pudding mix
4.2 cups fat-free milk
5.1 package frozen no-sugar-added pitted cherries
6.2 or 3 drops of red food coloring
7.2 cups fat-free frozen whipped topping, chocolate curls (optional)


Preheat oven to 375°.

1.Prepare cake mix according to package directions, using 3/4 cup water.
2. Let cake cool in pan; remove from pan, and cut into cubes.
3.Prepare pudding mix according to package directions, using 2 cups fat-free milk; chill at least 30 minutes.
4. Cut cherries, reserving 1/4 cup juice. Combine cherries, juice, and food coloring.

5.Place half of cake cubes in a 3-quart trifle bowl. Put half of cherries over cake; spread 1 cup pudding over cherries, and top with half of whipped topping. 6.Repeat layers.
7.Garnish with chocolate curls, if desired (chocolate curls not included in analysis). Cover and chill at least 8 hours.

Chocolate is good for your brain.

A good news for all the people with sweet tooth which is an excuse to indulge more in chocolate. According to research stated in the journal Appetite, regular chocolate consumption is direct link with better cognitive function.

A review was carried out from an earlier study where Canada’s residents’ dietary intake and risk of cardiovascular disease was checked. They were also given a series of tests designed to measure cognitive function.
The results revealed a link between eating more chocolate and significantly better performance on tests including “Visual-Spatial Memory and Organization, Working Memory, Scanning and Tracking, Abstract Reasoning, and the Mini-Mental State Examination” according to researchers.

In scientific terms, eating chocolate was significantly connected with superior “visual-spatial memory, working memory, scanning and tracking, abstract reasoning.

They suggest that regular chocolate intake could protect against normal age related cognitive problems. Therefore is good for health. Chocolate has been used to encourage sleep, clean teeth, treat childhood diarrhoea, reduce fevers. And according to one study, chocolate could even help you lose weight.Dark chocolate helps in reducing weight.

MYTHS and TRUTH about chocolate!

>Excessive sugar causes kids to jump off the walls, bounce off the ceiling? So we thought. But more than a dozen good-quality studies have failed to find any link between sugar in children’s diets and hyperactive behavior. Study says that its the events for that hyperactivity like birthdays, party’s.

>There is a popular belief that chocolate is loaded with the compound known as caffeine. A Hershey’s chocolate bar contains 9 milligrams of caffeine and a Hershey’s Special Dark bar contains 31 milligrams, as compared to the 320 milligrams found in a Starbuck’s grande brewed coffee. Darker varieties are higher in caffeine, it’s true, but not as high as many people think.

> If you gave up chocolate thinking it would lower (bad) cholesterol, you may have been sacrificing the sweet for nothing . Studies have shown that chocolate does not raise bad cholesterol, and in fact for some people, chocolates can lower it.





Chocolates, not only loved by kids but also the people of old age. A true chocolate lover not only eats chocolates but also knows the benefits. There are many types of chocolates but milk and dark chocolates are mostly loved.Chocolate have health benefits–particularly dark chocolate, which contains less cocoa, butter and sugar. Theobromine is a chemical which is found in cacao liqueur. This chemical speeds up your metabolism very similarly to caffeine without any crashing effect. Theobromine may also help improve one’s mood. Research have found that antioxidants present in chocolate called polyphenols are used to regulate immune system functions in humans. Not only this, chocolate has different varieties too. From Belgium to Swiss, homemade to Dark, every flavor adds a different taste and sweetness to our lives. Here is a list of few chocolates that are peoples’ all time favourite.



Chocolate crackles also known as bubble cakes, is a specialty of Australia and New Zealand. It does not require baking very often as it contains hydrogenated chocolate oil which is solid at solid at room temperature. The recipe is very easy as it requires only vegetable shortening, icing sugar, cocoa, desiccated coconut and Rice Bubbles (or Coco Pops). The hydrogenated oil is melted and combined with the dry ingredients and portions of the mixture are placed in cupcake pans to set in the refrigerator. Sometimes, these are lined with cupcake papers – round sheets of thin, rounded and fluted paper. The hydrogenated oil re-sets to give each cake its form without baking.




Chocolate chips are small chunks of sweetened chocolate which are usually used as an ingredient in a number of desserts (especially chocolate chip cookies and muffins). They are often baked in a round, flat-bottomed teardrop shape. Another variety of chocolate chips has rectangular or square chocolate chunks. These are available in numerous sizes but are usually less than 10 millimeters (0.39 in) in diameter. Originally, chocolate chips were made of semi-sweet chocolate, but today there are many flavors. These include bittersweet, peanut butter, butterscotch, mint chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white and dark swirled chips.



  •  Chocolate Marshmallows Fudge

Chocolate Marshmallows Fudge is a very delicious and tempting dessert for all those who crave for chocolates. It is absolutely a magical, soft and a chocolaty freak dessert made with mix of butter, milk, sugar or vanilla extract. There are different variations of Chocolate coated marshmallow treats around the world and it is believed that the first chocolate coated marshmallow treat was created about 200 years ago in Denmark.




A chocolate truffle is a type of chocolate , traditionally made with a chocolate ganache center coated in chocolate, cocoa powder or chopped toasted nuts (typically hazelnuts, almonds or coconut), usually in a spherical, conical, or curved shape. Its name was derived from its traditional shape, which resembles the truffle, an edible part of the tuber fungus. The “French truffle” is made with fresh cream and chocolate and then rolled into cocoa or nut powder. The “Belgian truffle” or praline is made with dark or milk chocolate filled with ganache, buttercream or nut pastes. The “Swiss truffle” is made by combining melted chocolate into a boiling mixture of dairy cream and butter, which is poured into molds to set before sprinkling with cocoa powder.


5 wierd facts about chocolate!

> Well it did, in 1971. The famous chocolate river in the willy wonka and the chocolate factory film was made 15,000 gallons of water mixed with chocolate and cream.With all the cream, the river spoiled quickly and the cast revealed it left a terrible smell.

> Yes, we’ve all been lied . In order to be classified as real chocolate, a product has to contain cocoa solids or cocoa liquor. White “chocolate” contains cocoa butter instead.

>For a limited time only, Lay’s (known as Walkers in the UK) in America sold crisps dipped in a layer of chocolate.The Calgary herald said the crisps had a “salty-sweet combination.

> The cocoa bean was used as currency as it was considered to be worth more than gold . Cultivation of the beans was restricted so the value of cocoa beans as money would not go down.

> So many Toblerone bars are sold each year that, if they were to be laid end to end, they would go on for 62,000km which longer than the circumference of the Earth. Toblerone being this best swiss made chocolate is loved by all.




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DIY deserts with chocolate!

So have you ever got sudden craving for chocolate or deserts but don’t know how to make one or you want to make it for someone then here are 2 easy DIY’s

Ingredients :
a) any fruit (except citrus ones)
b) crushed dry fruits
c) chocolate (melted)

1.First you have to cut the fruit you want,you could also take different fruits for making the desert.
2.Then take a bowl and put melted chocolate and chopped fruits together and gently mix them.
3. Take a bowl with chopped dry fruits and put the chocolate dipped fruit into it and put it in a tray.
4.Freeze it for an hour and have it.

This is a melt in your mouth chocolate cookie that has a chocolate frosting. It’s delicious and it’s easy!

a) 3/4 cup butter
b) 1/2 cups brown sugar
c) 2 tablespoons water
d) 2 cups semisweet chocolate chips
e) 2 eggs
f) 2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
g) 1 1/4 teaspoons baking soda
h) 1/2 teaspoon salt

a) In a pan on low heat, cook butter, sugar and water until its melted.
b) Add chocolate chips and stir until melted.
c) Remove from heat and continue to stir until chocolate is melted.
d) Pour into a large bowl and let stand 10 minutes.Beat the eggs, one at a time into chocolate mixture.
e) Then mix the dough and make small round shaped out of it and freeze it and then your chocolate cookies are ready.

Chocolate touches soul!

Did u ever say no to chocolate? Well if you ask a true chocolate lover what chocolate is for them their answers will be better than poets describing something. When any taste or beauty touches your soul, it is always difficult to express that, it can only be understood with a bright smile and a heart filled with happiness.

Chocolate word has power to make people taste it before tasting it and smell it before smell it. You can only understand this line if you are a chocolate lover! Chocolate is a feeling, you can’t understand, you can just feel it and that is what means chocolate touching soul or rather soul food!

There is also a book named The Chocolate Touch which is a children’s book by Patrick Skene Catling, first published in the USA in 1952. John Midas is delighted when, through a magical gift, everything his lips touch turns into chocolate.There is a saying that to food is the way to reach someones heart.

3 DIY chocolate hacks!


a) Press the foil into a bowl shape by shaping it like a bowl, of the size needed.
b) Be sure to use several layers of foil, to make it strong and able to keep the shape.
c) Pipe the melted chocolate over the outside of the foil bowl and allow to set.
d) Peel the foil away to reveal the set chocolate bowl.

Ingredients :
1.dark chocolate chopped

2. 2 tablespoons butter

3. 4 tablespoons confectioners’ sugar
4. 1 teaspoon vanilla or other extract

1.Line a baking sheet and set it . Have a piping bag ready.

2.In a double boiler, melt together the chocolate, butter, confectioners’ sugar and vanilla or other flavoring extract. Once melted, remove from heat. Let the mixture cool slightly.

3.Once the mixture is still warm load it into your piping bag.Every few minutes, try piping a dot of the chocolate. Once the chocolate is holding its shape once piped, start the work . Pipe the chocolate into dots.

4.Let the pieces set (you can hurry this process by putting the tray in the refrigerator for several minutes) and its ready. You can add your chocochips on cakes, smoothie, ice cream and other sweet recipies.


a) Chocolate can be melted first using double boiler method.

b) Then you could either dip into it your favorite potato chips and have it.

c) You can add fruits into the chocolate and freeze it for a while and then enjoy it.

Growing old with chocolate!

Definitely not everyone who were from begining with us stayed till now! One thing stayed – Chocolate! Since you were born every occasion included chocolate. When you were born chocolates were distributed to all in happiness. For every teary moment as kid chocolates were given to us to forget sad moments in life.

Chocolate was the best mood lifter. As you grew up maybe your mom gave chocolates while going to school. Distribution of Chocolate on birthdays was so much joyful and it wouldn’t be anybetter than chocolate. Those small or big rewards you got like maybe from you mom for studying or scoring well in exams or by your relatives made your days. Festivals cannot be complete by gifting or getting lump of Chocolates. Chocolates made occasions more sweeter. Gifting our loved ones chocolates for festivals, on their birthdays for any other occasion was the best way to make someone happy.

And when you found new love, chocolates made the start and kept things always sweeter. Even when things were no working out well in our lives there was chocolate to make us feel better. Our journey of life always had our beloved chocolate somewhere and we grew old with it.